We are excited to announce that Stephen Errity was chosen to receive Expertec’s first ever Rising Star Award! He has been pushing hard in the production area and has taken on the Health and Safety Representative responsibilities at our Calgary location. He’s been doing an absolutely stellar job, congratulations Stephen!
We asked Stephen a couple of questions about his role as part of the Expertec team:
First Winner of the Expertec Rising Star Award - Stephen ErrityWhat is the best part of you day?
“The completion of a job – especially the bigger jobs. And my first Fibre Optics upfit, I’ve never done one here at our shop so it was a nice challenge! It looks overwhelming at first when you start working on it. But it’s like putting a puzzle together and then seeing the finished product.”
“What we build, they last on the earth for years and years and it all starts here – it’s very rewarding. I also love seeing the Calgary vans driving around the city and knowing I’ve worked on that van before, or at least something similar.”
What is your favorite thing about working at Expertec?
“The construction and free range of everything we do here. There is a chain of command but it just feels like a team environment. Expertec is the most team-oriented place I’ve ever worked. The emphasis is on the team. I like coming to work each day and which is why I’m never late. I like knowing that I’ve brought morale up in the shop and everyone meshes really well together.”