When your grandfather bought that truck you remember when you were a kid, you remember it, the two-toned Chevy with the fiberglass topper with aluminum trim, he had to make a decision.

As soon as he installed that topper, he knew he was going to lose a lot of the functionality he could’ve had if he’d have left that bed uncovered.

He also knew that topper was nowhere near as durable as the rest of that truck – the fiberglass would eventually crack from the sun, the clear plastic windows would become cracked in time, and the aluminum trim would be oxidized after only a winter or two.

Let’s face it – truck tops used to be terrible.

Finally A Tough Truck TopperThe RSI SmartCap EVO-c took all those problems and completely reimagined how a truck canopy should work.

For starters, they scrapped the fiberglass and started with stainless steel.  This eliminates soooo many challenges, and the engineers behind the EVO-c created a five-piece modular design that one person can assemble and install on the spot in less than an hour.

Guess what?

The SmartCap can be taken off in about fifteen minutes, too.

Even as fast as that is, we’re still talking about a truly modular design, with five pieces of durable stainless steel, not some poor-fitting fiberglass mold.

The beauty of stainless steel, especially the way the SmartCaps are built, is you get the toughness you demand without compromising on the visual appeal you wanted when you bought that truck.

Going back to grandpa’s topper, remember trying to get those side windows open?  Especially the sliding ones?  If he’d parked on any kind of uneven surface, you could forget it!  The SmartCap EVO-c uses stainless steel hinges, frames, latches and locks to ensure you never have to fight with a window again, but even better?  The SmartCap side doors are FAR larger than any of the competition, and their gull-wing design, powered by gas struts, can literally be opened with one finger.

Finally A Tough Truck TopperBy rethinking how a truck canopy can be designed, the SmartCap is able to be far quieter, too, as a result of high-quality seals and venting.  No more worrying about “covered” items getting wet due to shoddy craftsmanship and poor materials.  In fact, the SmartCap comes standard with a three year warranty, so you can enjoy quality without any worries.

Now, don’t think that the SmartCap is simply a “reimagined” design of the same old thing – it’s far, far more advanced.

For example, integrated roof rails allow you to utilize nearly any roof rack made today, and due to the strength of the SmartCap EVO-c, you’ll be amazed at how much you can haul on top of the SmartCap – nearly a quarter ton!  That’s a lot of ladders…

Just as importantly, the SmartCap EVO-c can work with a host of accessories, from full and half bins to roller racks, to drawers – in fact, it’s like having your own little Expertec warehouse available to give you the custom touch you need to get your jobs done.

Now, as awesome as these things all are, the most important thing about the SmartCap EVO-c is that it gives you flexibility.

Finally A Tough Truck TopperYou can choose how you need your truck to perform, whether it’s on the job hauling tools and equipment or it’s the weekend and you need to take that canopy off to haul a load of firewood.

That’s the real appeal of the SmartCap EVO-c – flexibility and durability – and when you choose the SmartCap, we’ll deliver it right to your door.  And for a limited time, Expertec is offering free shipping on SmartCaps and certain other orders, so there’s never going to be a better time to reimagine how useful a modular truck canopy can be, especially right now.