For over a century, the RMA Trade has worked to not only represent the rural communities that make up so much of our Province, but also, to provide equivalent services to those communities, despite their location.

The RMA does this in a myriad of ways, from employee benefit programs to trade and business development to information technology offerings.  It’s no wonder they have been serving Alberta and BC for so long!

Expertec Is Now A Proud Member Of The RMAToday, Expertec is proud to join the RMA as an approved supplier of their Trade Programs, a specialized sector that allows members to purchase and procure capital investments at price points that are competitive nationally.  The Trade Programs aspect of the RMA covers a wide swath of Albertan’s needs, from ground preparation, to culverts, to – you guessed it – fleet upfitting. 

We are so proud and honored to be the Fleet Upfitting provider for the RMA!

After all, they are designed to provide a variety of services any citizen or company should expect no matter where they live within the 69 municipal districts and counties, plus multiple public sector entities including school divisions, urban municipalities, water irrigation districts, rural electrification associations, and not-for-profit organizations and foundations.

As part of our promise to provide Canadians with innovative driven excellence, becoming an approved supplier for the RMA was a no-brainer, and we are honored to be selected to join nearly one hundred other carefully selected organizations working with the RMA. 

Now, perhaps you’re wondering why this is so special? 

Expertec Is Now A Proud Member Of The RMAFirst of all, the RMA is very careful about who they partner with, and thus, becoming an Approved Supplier is a strictly structured application process that codifies our commitment to growing opportunities for ALL members.  Even though the program has been in existence since 1936, RMA carefully manages whom they partner with, thus keeping their lists of suppliers in the Trade Program low. 

For RMA members, the Approved Suppliers of the Trade Program allow them to access specialized pricing and receive significant advantages in purchasing power, since they can act collectively with the RMA as a single entity.  The result is that members can utilize that buying power to lower their costs and the time it takes to realize the benefits from Trade Program partners. 

In many ways, the RMA is a powerful cooperative for helping small communities get the services and materials they need, no matter where they are located.  Expertec is proud to be able to work with our new RMA partners all across Alberta and BC and we look forward to a long and successful relationship as we continue to serve these communities.   

RMA Trade Approved Supplier