Expertec Press Release – Expanding into Abbotsford, BC

(Abbotsford, BC)  Expertec, a Western Canada-based custom truck and van upfitter, has just announced that they are expanding operations into the Vancouver area effective October 1, 2017.   This represents a very interesting development and could be a key indicator not only of the financial health of the Vancouver area, but also a harbinger of the return of better economic times to the western provinces.

The new operation will be located in Abbotsford, BC at 2234 Carpenter Street and Expertec will be on site beginning October 1, 2017.

Recently, Mark Bond (Expertec President) came out strongly in support of both reasons for Expertec’s expansion into British Columbia.  “The market here in western Canada has evolved radically and where it was once a prudent decision to ‘stay small’, we see a real need to provide upfitted and outfitted trucks and vans that can get work done.  Our clients are keeping their vehicles for longer periods of time, so they demand that a capital asset be perfectly suited to their needs.  Even in the challenging economic times that we are all working through here, a ‘smart-consumption’ model for assets like vehicles now makes the most sense for many businesses seeking to control costs and effectively manage their business assets going forward.”

Expertec began in Edmonton in 2005 and expanded to Calgary last year.  The new location in Abbotsford represents another step in the Expertec strategy of providing turn-key solutions to customers who need trucks and vans with specific requirements.

Bond continued, “Our primary buyer is one of two people – they are either managing a fleet of true work vehicles that need to have certain specific characteristics, such as utility bodies or interior storage in a cargo van, or they are in the trades and need to be able to conduct any aspect of their business on site, and so they have to carry all the tools of their trade with them – safely, efficiently, and securely.  These are the companies that are rebuilding our infrastructure and are driving our economic recovery here in Alberta and British Columbia, so by giving them the tools to operate effectively, we are, in our own way, helping the entire region.”


About Expertec

Expertec was founded with one simple idea – provide vehicle solutions to the trucks and vans that businesses use in the trades and in fleet operations.   Innovative and always on the cutting edge with materials and technology, Expertec has been upfitting and outfitting ever since.  Their key to success?  Providing personalized solutions for any client by using top quality products from warranty backed manufacturers as well as their own custom solutions.  This includes enhancing existing trucks and vans with innovative equipment for operational use along with functional components like mobile lube skids, slide-in service bodies, flat decks, Spacekaps and van shelving.

Expertec understands that up-fitted trucks and vans are essential business tools for mobile operations; supporting workflow and storing essential tools and equipment. The products they carry and packages they assemble are tailored for each client, providing high impact solutions that can be easily installed, removed and transferred to other vehicles.


Prepared by:  Expertec