The business coach and thought leader Kamil Toume once said,

The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is “people.”

At Expertec, we’ve tried to champion that thought for decades, as witnessed by the many long-term team members who continue to work and grow their careers with us and the amazing growth they have helped us to achieve.

Nowhere is this more visible than in the career of our newest sales team member, Hunter Gooderham.  Hunter started his career with Expertec as a seasoned technician in the industry and after less than a year, made the decision to move from our installation team to our sales team.

Having already worked in the industry on the fabrication and installation side of the business, Hunter became a team member for Expertec and was a key part of our Edmonton installation group, handling a variety of upfits with trucks and vans and the wide range of options every installation entails.

One of the things that makes people like Hunter so special is his desire to build a network of satisfied customers, not just closed sales.  When we asked him his goals for the rest of 2019, Hunter paused, smiled, and said, “Now?  It’s all about building relationships for me.  I understand the nuts and bolts of upfitting a vehicle perfectly, and that gives me a real advantage over a random video or an advertisement.  When you’ve got knowledge and experience with the product lines, you never have to make a ‘hard sell.’

Hunter Gooderham - Expertec Vehichle Technician

When Hunter first joined the Expertec team, he quickly established himself as a key member of our installation group.


“In these next few months, I’m looking forward to being able to share that knowledge with anyone who walks in the door or calls on the phone looking for those answers.  In the long term, of course I want to be successful, but I also know that all of my success will be built on creating great working relationships with my customers.”

Gooderham noted the recent trends in upfitting, especially trucks, seem to revolve around flat decks, something we’ve reported on several times in the last two months.  “Absolutely!  Right now, there is a lot of interest in outfitting a flat deck on a pickup and it makes a lot of sense.  You have the chance to configure everything you want and nothing you don’t need.  That flexibility pays off, no matter what you’re hauling.”

We’re proud to be able to recognize and provide career options and flexibility for people like Hunter, whether it’s on our installation teams or our sales teams.  It’s refreshing to have people succeeding in their dreams and being able to help them achieve their goals within the Expertec family.  We’re excited to have Hunter Gooderham helping to grow our influence and business all across Western Canada.