Let’s face it, for most of us, the truck bed cap, or topper, or whatever you choose to call it represents the worst of both worlds. Too low to allow you to really haul stuff in the bed of your pickup, too small to let you actually get into the bed to find something, and honestly, for most of the time they’ve been around, they’ve been pretty ugly.

On the other end of the spectrum was the so-called slide-in camper style, but again, for most of the time these have been on the market, they have been hard to look at and entirely too heavy. At the same time, the ergonomics of the whole set up was tight quarters more reminiscent of a submarine than a pickup truck bed.

The Evolution of the Truck CapTruck Caps Have Come A Long Way

In the end, these old-fashioned designs did little more than keep your gear out of the weather.


Expertec long ago partnered with SpaceKaps for these same reasons – if you are going to the trouble of outfitting a truck with a cap, then every inch of space needs to be both usable and functional. At the same time, being able to configure that interior space has got to be a part of the conversation, and SpaceKaps let you do just that.

Now, here’s the important thing that we’ve found is critical to many of our clients who use SpaceKaps in the work vehicles – they look good. A smooth, aerodynamic style that cuts through the wind resistance and doesn’t impact vehicle handling like the slide in caps of years ago and, depending on which design you choose, can give you an interior work height of up to 75 inches – yes, that’s well past six feet, meaning no more bumped heads.

Here’s what makes these caps so amazing – the inside is fully customizable. Maybe you have specific shelving needs? No problem! The Ranger units that we install in so many of our upfit jobs work seamlessly with Spacekaps and give you exactly the storage options that your job calls for. One of the biggest advantages of the Spacekap is the fact that it is built out of fiberglass to add rigidity and – just as importantly – it can be painted to match if you have a fleet color scheme or logo for the company.

Let’s talk about the real reason that Spacekaps are so perfect – they allow you to have the functionality of a van – including covered work stations, air compressors, power inverters, even onboard welding rigs – with a pickup. Since these units are lighter than a service body, they are also perfect for smaller companies that may still need a heavier-duty vehicle to tow with while still retaining the covered workspace that only a van can provide.

It’s the best of both worlds!

Now, plenty of companies make truck bed toppers, so why did Expertec choose Spacekap? The decision was actually easy – they offer three perfect solutions for caps, the Compak, the Wild, and the Diablo. Within each of these, Spacekap built in so many unique ways to customize that it was an easy choice. From the shelving to slide-out trays all the way to ladder and roof storage racks, there is no way to not get the stuff you need stored and moved to the job site … and back again, safe and secure.

At the same time, one of the key features that Spacekaps offers that many other manufacturers don’t is how the Spacekap is mounted to the truck. Traditionally, holes are drilled into the bed rails requiring a small area of the floor of the bed and the sheetmetal to take on the stress and the weight of the cap. That’s far from the case with the Spacekap – it is designed specifically for the application so that the entire floor and sidewalls of the cap distribute the weight. This gives an extremely solid and stable foundation from which to work from and requires only the patented tie-down system to securely hold the Spacekap in place. The result? No holes, no rust, and no fatigued metal that can render your vehicle unsafe.

Many times, new customers ask us why we don’t carry a specific product or line of products and our answer is always the same – at Expertec, our goal is to provide the right solution, not just a solution, and our decision to carry Spacekaps was made with one goal in mind – providing a high quality, functional platform from which our customers can demand years of dependable service from, with no worries.