We’ve all been here…

Fortunately, no matter how high frustrations might be, BrandFX Service Bodies are built more than tough enough to pass the dreaded kick test.

A look inside those composite doors shows there’s plenty of room for tools, inventory, and equipment. Notice how the shelves are adjustable to get you the exact fit you need?

BrandFX Service Bodies are designed to be corrosion resistant for decades, and they’re known for their extensive use of stainless fittings. As important as corrosion resistance is, what’s even more important is how they stand up over time. We’ve seen some of these units outlast multiple chassis.

Since they weigh far less than a comparable steel body, your fleet is also going to be able to get better fuel economy and lower maintenance costs too.

On the other hand, none of that matters if they can’t take the hit. Not to worry – they’re built plenty tough for everyday use.

BrandFX composite service bodies from Expertec: The best choice for long term durability.