For the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing some of the questions our team asks when we work with clients on selecting the right upfitting solution for their businesses.  Admittedly, some folks seem a bit “put off” by these, because they are – well, frankly, “bigger” than a regular upfitter would ask.

The thought process behind that is simple:  we aren’t here to build the truck or van you needed last year, we’re here to build the one that will serve you, your team, and your business in the future

As our team works through these questions with you, we’re not being “nosy,” it’s quite literally our job to get as much detail as possible, so we can make the best recommendations possible. 

With all that said, let’s keep going on the last set of questions to consider before you begin upfitting a company truck, van or trailer

Question 8:  What’s Your Budget?

Oh boy… there’s that subject again… so many times, people worry about – or get offended by – this question, but it’s literally one of the most important components.  Seriously, you had a budget when you bought your house, you had one when you bought the tools, you had one when you put every other vehicle in your fleet on the road, why should this purchase and build be any different?

More importantly, when we inquire about your budget, we’re doing it to help determine the right solution to the challenge – upfitting your truck or van to do the job you need it to do perfectly. 

Question 9:  How Many Vehicles Are In The Business, And How Are They Upfitted? 

Like many of the other questions are team asks, this one is subtly critical.  After all, if you have a one-ton dually diesel crew cab, with four wheel drive, there might be no reason to have a second one. 

At the same time, if you have three Ford Transits to handle jobs in downtown Calgary, the “easy” answer might be to upfit another one, but it also might not be the right answer, if your call and business volume won’t support it, or the “average” job. 

In that example, it may or may not be prudent to upfit your entire fleet similarly, but, in that example, it’s often useful to have a “heavy” truck for specific jobs and locales, while more “general duty” trucks and vans handle average jobs.  The answers to this question feed directly into the next one…

Do You Even Need To Upfit? The FAQs - Part 3Question 10:  Where Are You Storing Your Fleet, And How Is It Expanding Or Contracting?

Many times, we run across companies that have multiple vehicles in their fleets that follow no clear rhyme or pattern.  In some cases, they’re simply older trucks or vans pressed into service for deliveries or parts runs, or newer, unmodified trucks that are meant for supervisory use. 

What’s important to know is if your fleet is only for work usage or if there will be some personal use, too. 

Look, the truth of the matter is that an upfitted van is often the smartest platform for many companies, but there is a “cool” element that can’t be denied with a nice ¾ ton SuperCab truck with a big diesel engine. 

If you’ll be taking your upfitted truck or van home and it will do “double duty” with the family, or it has to fit in the carport, that’s a completely different challenge than a fleet kept in a locked indoor facility.  Likewise, if you’re planning on your upfitted truck or van to replace two older vehicles, the needs change, too. 

Upfitting a truck or van is a BIG deal, because it speaks to the dedication you and your business have to creating a great customer experience.  If you’re in the market and working through your own questions, get in touch with the Expertec team here or simply call us at 1-888-435-6466 to start the conversation and get the right truck or van set up for the job beginning right now.



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