It’s a simple fact that many of the people and industries we serve are filled with men and women who like to work with their hands.  From welders to roughnecks, electricians to farmers, the clients and customers – even the corporations and fleets we serve – are filled with “do it yourselfers.”

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, either.  The truth is, our own ranks are filled with folks who love to create things, too.  Every weekend finds our team members creating things, so we totally “get it.”

But there’s a point you need experts.

Now, maybe that’s a mentor, maybe a master electrician, or just someone who’s done what you’re planning to do and can give you the advice you need to achieve the results you wanted.  All of us, in the end, stand on the shoulders of people and experts who have gone before us.

Do It Yourself... With a ProOn the other hand, what do you do if your project is to create the perfect work truck or van?  The car culture of Canada and the United States is filled with incredibly engineered rides built in barns and garages, or purposefully built rigs made to achieve a specific goal.  At Expertec, we’ve got you sorted out!

For example, we’ve already created all-inclusive packages for certain industries, like Fiber Optics and Rapid Response.  Not only do these work, they’ve also been vetted by our own experience and that of experts in the respective industries.

For the do-it-yourselfer, they’re a really great blueprint of the options (like shelving, storage, lighting, etc…) that fleets are demanding in the field.

Do It Yourself... With a ProCouple that with Expertec’s unique fleet equipment online store and the result is literally the option to have your upfitting project delivered right to your house or shop and build exactly what you need.

But what if you’re not sure what you need?  Or, more likely, what if you aren’t 100% confident in the scope of your build?  That’s where our team can really give you the value you deserve.

To put it simply, we’ve done this ALL before.

You can reach out to our team by clicking right here to schedule that conversation, or call 1-888-435-6466, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in Red Deer, Thunder Bay, or right down the street from one of our 3 locations.  Zoom, telephone, or in-person meetings with our team can help you create a plan for your own upfit or give you a snapshot of what you’ll really need to bring your new commercial truck or van to completion – and let it start making you and your company money!

Now, we can hear you already, “I don’t have time to jump on another Zoom call, or even worse, drive for hours for a sales pitch!”

Do It Yourself... With a ProWe’re not going to give you one!  What we can give you is a game plan to ensure the plan you’ve got is the plan that helps to achieve the goals you have for the truck or van in the first place.  To go back to the idea of our continental car culture, think of it this way – by creating a plan for your upfitting project, every part and piece you install is going to add to the value of the next step.  Think of it like this – you wouldn’t begin restoring a 1969 Chevelle SS by painting it, you’d get the drivetrain and brakes sorted, then the bodywork, then (maybe) worry about paint.  You absolutely wouldn’t go to the trouble of installing the trim and badges before you painted it, and upfitting a truck or van is similar.

You might not want to worry about shelving until you have flooring and perhaps even wall lining in place, and that’s the kind of plan our team can assist you with.  This will absolutely help you with budgeting, if that’s a concern, plus, it gives you a rational plan to follow.

So, if you’re on the fence regarding a “do it yourself” upfit or worried about finding the time to actually pull it off, reach out to our team and let’s have a conversation BEFORE you do anything.  Chances are, we’ve already built what you or your company are thinking of, and we’re absolutely here for you in any capacity – from handling the work itself or simply providing the resources you need to handle all the work “in house”.

Do It Yourself... With a ProDo It Yourself... With a Pro