Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing some of the real value that slide in service bodies provide to our clients and customers.  They are a truly useful and unique way to create loads of storage from a regular pickup bed while retaining the luxury, comfort, and usefulness of today’s trucks. 

Digging Into Expertec's Slip In Service Bodies 1For many years, Expertec has been researching and studying the slip in service body industry, and as a result, we began building our own models

When we entered the market, though, it wasn’t because we wanted to build another Slip In Service Body, it was because we noticed a distinct gap in the industry.  Let’s look at an example:

The SpaceKap fills several critical niches in the world of upfitting trucks to handle field work.  They’re durable, intelligently designed, and good looking. 

On the other side of the spectrum are the heavy duty steel service bodies that replace the truck bed on ¾ and 1 ton units.  Usually, these are made of steel, might include a crane, or a compressor, and have been the gold standard for heavy duty work for generations.  They’re heavy, they’re expensive, and we’ve seen used units being moved to their third or even fourth truck because they can last for decades with basic care and upkeep. 

Digging Into Expertec's Slip In Service Bodies 1When our teams went to the drawing board, we realized the perfect spot for our own slip in service bodies was right between those two. 

  • We created a heavy duty service body that fit in a regular pickup bed.
  • We built it out of powdercoated aluminum to make sure it would last BUT not weigh so much that a good half ton truck couldn’t use it.
  • We engineered in the custom touches that our teams knew customers wanted – lighting, locking doors that sync’d with the truck’s doors, and hardware that wouldn’t fail in the tough environments we knew our customers would be using these in.
  • A variety of doors and storage solution combinations.

More importantly, we built our Slip In Service Bodies to a standard that meant they would fit in any 6.5’ and long box truck bed.  When (not “if”) they outlasted the truck they were installed in, it wouldn’t be any big challenge to move the unit to a new truck – it would absolutely fit. 

All of those were critical to the success of our designs, but we also noticed one other big trait that really does matter – we built the Slip In Service Body to retain the use of the original tailgate.  Customers could keep their backup cameras and the multiple sensors today’s technology-laden vehicles use – and the resale value!

Digging Into Expertec's Slip In Service Bodies 1Each of these standards represented years of in-field testing and improvements based on real-world data, and today, we’re proud to say this:  There is not a better, heavier duty slip in service body available for full size trucks.  It’s not the only choice, but depending on how you and your teams work, it might be the best choice.  In fact, our teams actively steer some folks away from purchasing these units because they’re simply TOO overbuilt. 

You don’t drive in a finishing nail with a 3 pound sledge. 

If you’re in an industry that requires heavy duty work, there are more choices for your work trucks than you might have thought about.  You don’t have to have to build a 20,000 lb truck for every job.  It may very well be that the Expertec Slip In Service Body is the practical solution for many of the jobs you do.  “Heavy Duty” doesn’t have to mean “heavy” anymore!

To learn more about our Slip In Service Bodies, reach out to our team at 1-888-435-6466 or click right here to see what solutions we have.  The truth is, there is a wide spectrum of needs that our clients fall into, but in the world of upfitting trucks and vans, you never have to settle for a “one size fits all” solution.