A catchy phrase that has arisen in the age of Coronavirus is “pivot” and everywhere you look, companies are doing it:  General Motors is building ventilators, printing companies are manufacturing masks, and seemingly every business has either implemented or is rolling out how they can handle take away or delivery orders for their clients.

It’s not just restaurants, grocery stores, and Amazon, either!

Scores of companies are reimagining how to get products or services – safely -to their clients.

In only the last few weeks, our team has fielded dozens of inquiries about upfitting trucks, vans, and even SUVs and Crossovers to be able to handle these new tactics, and that sentiment is being echoed all over North America.

One of the most common questions is the easiest one:

“Is there any advantage to customizing a vehicle for courier or delivery?”

Delivery Vehicles in the World of COVID-19Less than a year ago, our answer would have been simple – “it depends,” but today, delivery and courier vehicles are being completely rethought in light of COVID-19 and the restraints on person-to-person contact.

Today – and likely far into the future – buyers and customers want the visible assurance that deliveries are being made in both a timely manner – of course – but also, a safe one.

We’re seeing that trend developing before our eyes – think about how you expected a pizza to be delivered last year:  A kid pulls up in his personal vehicle, he brings you the pizza in a thermally insulated bag, you and he fumble around exchanging money and pizza, and then, he gets into his vehicle and drives away.

You never gave any thought to how clean the inside of his car was…

Now?  You do.

We’re seeing it in ANY delivery being made now, too, even if it is simply office supplies, or automobile parts, or printed materials.

Companies are making far more trips, carrying far more things, and their customers are demanding to know their purchases are safe.

So, the answer to the question is a resounding “YES!”

Custom Vehicle PartitionBusinesses are looking at upfitting vehicles with an eye for deploying them ONLY for delivery or courier service and that means they are looking for protection:  Our Crew View Sneeze Guards, our myriad of designs of custom shelving and storage options, and even climate control for important materials or sensitive equipment.

Another question we keep hearing about in this new paradigm for delivery is…

“Does my business have to use a truck or a van for delivery?”

To put it simply, “No” is our usual answer, but many times, companies that are only becoming involved in delivery and courier services simply aren’t fully aware of all the options they might have when it comes to upfitting for delivery.

While it’s been most common for companies to seek to upfit trucks and vans, the sheer variety of options available to companies – including what they already have available – is not a limiting factor.

A reliable SUV, with a minimum of upfitting and a Crew View Sneeze Guard, for example, is certainly a solid place to start for a company that is testing delivery services.  The same holds true for the old “shop truck” so many businesses have used for most of the last 100 years – a few tweaks, like a canopy or slip-in service body, and you have a reliable, weather proof delivery vehicle that is protecting your customers’ orders from the weather and unauthorized handling – and ensuring your team can make multiple deliveries every day and every run.

“Do I have to permanently modify a vehicle for delivery?”

Delivery Vehicles in the World of COVID-19Not at all!  That’s one of the reasons we’ve developed so many of the products we recommend and install for our customers.  Most of them, like the Crew View, can be easily installed and removed.  Even shelving units come with a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of both their designs and the ability to remove them.

We know a lot of companies have been exploring delivery as a means to grow their offerings and, in light of the pandemic, even more are forced to do so.

Groceries, meals, durable goods, and, of course, business materials are all examples of how courier and delivery businesses are expanding rapidly and how existing businesses can expand.

One of the things Expertec has learned in 2 decades of upfitting and outfitting trucks, vans, and vehicles for trade and business is that an intelligent design in the right vehicle can not only save money for businesses, it can also make it as well.

Whether your business has a long history of delivery and courier services or has suddenly been forced to enter the market, our team can provide the perfect upgrades to make your business better.  Reach out to us today!