With all the incredible “standard” equipment that new trucks and vans offer, it’s easy to forget one simple fact – You still have to start them.

Sure, they’ve got push button starts, remote key fobs, and even built-in alarms, but when the mercury falls and the snow is flying, you’ve got to go out there and get the vehicle fired up.

Over the years, manufacturers have done an amazing job of making that first cold start easier, but let’s talk about the trucks and vans in your fleet.  Wouldn’t it be a great time saver if you and your team could simply check out a vehicle and remotely start it? 

The advantages are twofold:  One, it’s warming up while your crew is loading up, saving time, and two, it’s likely to be the only one running, so they’re not trying to figure out which one they’ve checked out when the snow and ice make all the trucks in the lot look the same. 

Now, remote start systems aren’t new; they’ve been on the market for years.  What is new – and perfect for business owners and fleet managers – is the range this new generation remote starter systems can now work at.  For example, Compustar, one of the leaders in the space and Expertec’s preferred vendor for remote start and security systems, allows remote starting from over half a mile away!

Think about that next time the mercury sinks on the thermometer, the snow is flying, and your team is loading up. 

It might be easy to dismiss a remote start system as a luxury, but in our experience, the costs associated with installing a remote starter, when coupled with the time saved by your crew out in the elements, more than makes up for itself over the life of the vehicle. 

Now, let’s talk about security.

Most, if not all, new trucks and vans come with a “security” system from the factory, but aside from disabling the starter, they really don’t do too much.  For a lot of companies, the actual cost of the vehicle is far less than the tools and equipment the vehicle is hauling.  Things like onboard welders, air compressors, even computers and testing equipment often aren’t covered adequately in an insurance claim.  Just as importantly, thieves know fleet vehicles are often left unlocked.

Is there a way to “beef up” a truck or van’s factory alarm to help protect the contents as well as the vehicle? 

Not really.  The good news, though, is that companies like Compustar have spent years to develop far more sensitive and protective alarms for your truck or van, or your entire fleet. 

How?  Simple – Compustar designed better sensors to protect your vehicles from outright theft and the far more common “smash and grab” type of robberies many contractors encounter. 

They do this with a new generation of sensors, like glass breaks, which “hear” the sound of a window being broken and trigger the alarm; with tilt sensors that can determine the vehicle is being towed or moved by an outside force; and even with a built-in accelerometer that can sense the vehicle being moved.

The best part of the Compustar security system is they don’t simply sound the alarm through the horn, which is usually one of the first things disabled by thieves.  Compustar uses a remotely mounted siren independently wired into the alarm.

Just like the Compustar remote start systems, the Compustar alarms have an incredible range, allowing you to turn the security system on remotely.

Unlike the “do it yourself” systems many people have wired haphazardly into their vehicles, Expertec has a dedicated team with over 40 years of experience in wiring security systems and remote starters into trucks and vans.  The difference, of course, is not only how professional the installation looks and behaves, it is also a safety issue. 

Most alarms tie into various safety systems of the vehicle and remote starters, of course, tie directly into the most powerful electrical connections in a vehicle. 

Do you want to risk damaging those critical components?  You expect your truck or van is going to run as well after the install as it does before – and with all the systems working flawlessly.

Trust the experts at Expertec to ensure your remote start and alarm installation goes smoothly and works exactly like it’s supposed to. 

Remote Car Starts and Alarms for FleetsCompustar Remote Starts and Alarms Brochure (pdf)