Let’s just speak the truth here, can we?

At Expertec, we’ve been making good vehicles better for a long time.  Whether it’s a work truck for the oil fields, a delivery van for downtown, or a loaded up outfitted dual-axle trailer, we’ve taken bone-stock factory shells and made them a LOT better with a little planning, the right additions, and some logical improvements.

…And if there’s one thing we’ve learned in nearly 30 years of doing all this?

The first thing to go in a perfectly upfitted truck or van isn’t the engine, or the transmission, or even the body (although salty winter roads have impacted many a work truck!).

It’s the seats.

Actually, it’s the driver’s seat.

Wear and tear, coffee, mud, tools poking into the upholstery, cigarette ashes, and fast food crumbs all wear out a seat far faster than bad maintenance or youthful drivers.

In a previous post, we discussed some of the options buyers have for finding new or newer trucks and vans, and how they might skip the depreciation of buying new by selectively buying the “right” used vehicle.

And guess what?  Chances are, even if that truck or van is only a few years old, those years of tradesmen sliding in and out of the seat might already have taken their toll.  We’ve all seen it before – that little tear right along the left-hand seam of the driver’s seat.

The one somebody might ask a nice lady with a needle and thread to fix?  Of course she doesn’t use a really tough thread, so the repair never lasts.  (Hint, ask her to use dental floss if you go this route next time – when’s the last time you broke dental floss?)

Less enterprising drivers might use duct tape with varying degrees of success, but once that sits in the sun for a few hours in June and the adhesive weakens, we both know that repair is going to simply turn into a sticky spot on the seat and a weird stain on the driver’s pants.

So, are there any real options that can solve this challenge?

Of course there are!  Many of us have swapped seats out from the junkyard, and that’s still not a bad option, but today’s vehicles, with side impact airbags often built into the seats, can be downright dangerous.  Even if you found the correct factory seat, simply plugging up the connectors for the seat’s motors (in the case of powered and/ or heated and cooled seats) could result in the airbags deploying.

At the same time, having your originals reupholstered can easily run hundreds of dollars and that set of “one size fits all” covers from the auto parts store … well, let’s just say those likely aren’t going to last.

On the other hand, there is one really good solution, whether you’re trying to sort out the seats in the fleet or get a few more years out of your personal work van…

Commercial Fleet Seat CoversExpertec has some really slick, really commercial grade seat covers for many – if not all – of the most popular work vans on the market today.  Even better?  You’ll be able to easily remove these to wash them when (not if) you accidentally pour coffee on them, or you didn’t realize how dirty you were before you got into the van to go home.  One nice bonus of these covers is they have a stain and water resistant covering built in.

That coffee will have to do some real work to mess these up.

These aren’t parts store covers, they are built – like everything Expertec sells – to get the job done month after month.

…And since these seat covers are made from Cordura, you know they’ll wear like iron – and best of all?  You retain all the proper adjustments – including heating and cooling – as your factory seats.  No worries about safety or durability, and the quick installation (less than 30 minutes) means it’s never a problem to take them off and clean them.

So how can you get a set?

Well, the easiest way to learn all about these covers is to Request a Quote on our website or call the team at 1-888-435-6466 to find out more details.  They give you a great way to protect your investment and make your van look better and last longer.  As a matter of fact, we’ve got quite a few customers who install these covers before they ever put a van in the field to ensure the original seat upholstery stays as nice as possible when it’s time to sell.

So if your seats are falling apart now, or if you want to protect them from wear and tear in the future, contact the Expertec team today.