Stop us if you’ve heard this…

“In these unprecedented times…”

“In this new normal…”

“Businesses are pivoting…”

Those have all become the taglines for 2020, but the good news is this:  2020 is ALMOST OVER!  In honor of all the businesses that really have adapted and pivoted – and Expertec most assuredly has had to, as well – we’re saluting the folks who are still getting the job done all over the country and keeping Canada working.

You know, those men and women – navigating traffic in the company truck, delivering critical supplies and services in their upfitted vans, and refusing to let the challenges of 2020 get them down.

Well, guess what?

Expertec wants to make their day a little safer, and to do that, we’re giving away two free Mobile Handwashing & Sanitizing Stations (Shoulder Sinks) in our December contest!  We’ll be announcing the winner at the beginning of January 2021 – keep reading to find out how to enter!

Let’s face it, staying clean on the job – especially when that job is mobile, or on a remote site has always been a big challenge.  If 2020 taught us anything, we’ve been reminded again and again that good hygiene and basic hand washing can stop many diseases and is a major aid in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Expertec Shoulder Sink GiveawayThe Shoulder Sink allows you to do just that, no matter where you and your team are working.  This is an easy to deploy hand washing and sanitizing station that is small, compact and goes anywhere.  Even better?  The Shoulder Sink is completely self-contained and is one of the smartest – and simplest – tools we’ve ever seen.

It’s an all-in-one carrier that provides soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels and clean water for your team to wash their hands every time they need to.

We like it because it is sized to fit in any vehicle and eliminates all excuses for not washing and sanitizing when working on a remote (or any) jobsite.

At Expertec, we want to make sure you’re always giving your team the opportunity to be safe and clean, so we’re giving away two Shoulder Sinks – one on our Facebook page and one on our LinkedIn page.   Since we know how busy you are, we’re even making it easy to enter – simply follow our pages and like and comment when you see one of our posts about the Expertec Shoulder Sink Contest.  Anyone and everyone who comments is entered to win!

$285.00 CAD
*online shop price only

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