In less than a few months, we’ve seen a single organism that is not technically even a living thing cripple the world.  But we want to ask you something:  In times of challenge, how do you respond?  Do you shrink or do you choose to stand tall in the face of the negativity being reported on the news and in social media?

It’s obvious that we all must proceed with caution and stay abreast of the information Health Canada is sharing with us AND deploy the best practices that science and medicine have deduced for us.  But on the other hand, there is no time to be lost in conspiracy theories and railing for or against this or that policy.

Despite all the chaos that surrounds us, children having to stay home, parents suddenly in charge of their child’s learning, and wondering how they can pay the bills this month, the truth is, when we come out of this, and we will, there will be more opportunity than we’ve seen in many years.

That opportunity will be based on how you choose to view the world and how you see the future.

In the Great Recession of 2007-2008, think of the outrageously successful companies that were founded and built: Netflix, Uber, Smashburger, even the digital giant Best Buy chose the worst economy in nearly 75 years to reinvent itself.  Each of them came out of that economy and has done nothing but grow since then.

Now, as many of us and the people we know and love are sheltering in place, are you using this time to simply wait and hope or have you decided to not only handle the situation but poise far, far above it?  It’s quite possibly the best time to take the free time we’ve been given to assess where the holes are in our personal relationships, our lives, or even our skillsets, and develop them.

These hard times will pass, likely far faster than any of us thought, and you have to answer one simple question:  what are you doing right now to make your future even better? 

So many of us have skills we haven’t ever considered.  Your ability to weld MIG, or wire, or TIG – does that translate to pipefitting?

The electrician who is home right now, are there people in the community – especially essential workers – who need those services but can’t get them right now due to schedules?

The laid off mechanic who can bring their knowledge and tools to the customer instead of them coming to the mechanic?

In these times, men and women who choose to see the challenges as opportunities will build the next generations of successful businesses.  They are – right now – using this time to expand their knowledge and prepare themselves for the opportunities that will arise immediately after the COVID-19 pandemic is beaten.

At Expertec, we see two ways for anyone to weather this storm – we (each of us) can join the fear or join in the solution that brings people out of the fear.  When this passes, will you be part of the team that won, the team that saved lives, the team that reinvigorated the economy, and the team that supported the world positively?

And even though this message sounds far from the kind we normally send (discussing the tools of the trades and how our upfitting solutions solve the challenges of tradesmen and fleets) it is in many ways, still the same message.

We built a company to support others, and now?  Now may very well be the biggest chance you’ll ever see to support others and rebuild the economy into the one we want and the one we deserve.

Stay safe out there and in there!