One of the most exciting things we’ve shared so far this year has been the introduction of our Canadian-built 8 and 11 Foot Service Bodies, and the reaction among our customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Now, maybe that was because we have them in stock, while there are long waits for similar service bodies elsewhere.  It could also be the due to us building these out of 5052 aluminum – one of the most durable alloys in the world, and then powder coating the whole thing to ensure long life and corrosion resistance.

Most likely?

It’s the flexibility these new Service Bodies bring in terms of providing customized turn key solutions for our clients.  Our teams aren’t simply “order takers,” they’re professionals who understand the trades, understand the needs of different industries, from oil and gas to agriculture to construction, and take the time to dig in to how our customers really use their trucks and vans.

Let’s look at a perfect example…

Our new Service Body, set up for agriculture.

Since we’ve built these units out of aluminum, the overall curb weight is far lower than traditional construction.  This allows a truck set up with Expertec’s 8 or 11 Foot Service Body to carry far more “on the farm” than ever before, but still well within the safe working guidelines of the chassis.  Think about having to handle oil changes and maintenance “in the field” and all the weight from a lube skid, for example.  It’s no problem managing that, even if you’ve upfitted an air compressor to handle tire issues, too.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say our new all-aluminum Service Bodies are nearly perfect for ag use; when you factor in the shelving and storage options and the weight savings that can offset field maintenance needs, it makes a significant impact on the overall GVWR/towing capacity.

Built or Bought? Truck Service BodiesThese new Canadian-built units, which are in stock and ready to deploy before the snow melts and the fields are getting planted, offer a lot of advantages over a stock stamped steel bed.

…But let’s be honest:  Our clients in the ag industry use their trucks, and they expect long life and high levels of performance.  At the same time, work trucks are tough to find new right now.  That leads us to the title of this post – “Built Or Bought” – and the way a lot of us think.  It’d be a shame to simply discard a low-milage truck to upfit a brand new one, especially given the supply chain issues right now.

Canadians are practical.  We’ve learned, from a lifetime of experience, how to make things work for us, even if those things aren’t perfect.   Our teams have seen, time and time again, how that practical streak can result in making things last, and it’s not unusual to see compressors, welders, lube skids, and all manner of upfitted modifications used for decades by simply moving them to the next rig.

Built or Bought? Truck Service BodiesWe built our Service Bodies to outlast the trucks they’re mounted on, and that extends from the framework to the hinges.  Little things – like overcoating impact areas to protect the powder coat and tailgates that are the “right” height to keep gear in the bed but not fight you when it’s time to unload.   On their own, they might seem insignificant, but taken together?

The result is nearly perfect.

Let’s face it, when you upfit a new truck with an Expertec Service Body, you’re not likely to buy all new tools and equipment for it, and we designed these units to support all the things you’ll inevitably mount or store in them.

If you’re looking for a little more perfection in one of your current fleet trucks or a new rig you and your team are putting on the road, then give our teams a call at 1-888-435-6466 or click right here to at least start the conversation.  You’re going to be impressed by the quality we’ve designed into our new service bodies, and the solutions we can build together.

  • Truck Service Bodies - 11 Foot Aluminum

    Expertec Aluminum Service Body – 11 Foot

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  • Aluminum Service Body - 8 Foot Classic

    Expertec Aluminum Service Body – 8 Foot Classic

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