When it comes to upfitting, the two most exciting days are when the initial ideas are being discussed and a plan of action is created and the day when the last installation technician steps away to tell the floor manager the vehicle is done. 

Despite having upfitted hundreds – thousands – of trucks and vans over 2 decades, every new build we do at Expertec prompts this same feeling.  This Fall, we were asked by Liebherr to customize and outfit a new service van that would allow their teams to handle remote calls on heavy-duty cranes. 

It was an exciting project in many ways, and at the same time, it was also business as usual for the Expertec team. 

Liebherr Crane Van Upfit Featuring Legend Fleet SolutionsNow, even though this project featured products from a host of suppliers, like nearly all of our upfitting projects, the first place we looked was Legend Fleet Solutions to provide a solid base to build from the ground up.  Legend’s StabiliGrip flooring was the first item on the list, because its slip-resistance and long-life was going to be critical to keeping the Liebherr team safe on the job in a variety of climates and temperatures.  With that same critical design eye, we added in DuraTherm wall and ceiling liners to ensure a quieter and more pleasant ride and to provide “ax proof” protection for the tools, shelving, and equipment that would ultimately find their home in the van.

With these great Legend products in place in the Liebherr service van, our team was able to begin organizing the shelving and work stations their technicians would use to get their jobs done on remote worksites all over the country.  As a company with firm footing in technology, it was no surprise that the Liebherr team requested a specialized workstation with some additional power to support the needs their crews would encounter.  

In the end, a 3000 watt Go Power inverter as well as a Vanair Super Boost-All system were wired into the van to give the team the power resources they needed.  Like many of the Legend products used in this build, these often go unnoticed until the observer begins to see the details the upfitter planned for. 

The end result is a mobile work station that is quiet, ergonomic, and extremely functional for technicians in far-flung environments.  Ultimately, this Liebherr service van has all the tools and comfort to provide long-term service from the most remote outpost in the country or in the middle of the busiest neighborhoods in Calgary. 

Anytime we begin a project like this, inevitably our first move is to look to the products Legend builds to provide a high-quality base from which all our other plans can proceed.  By visualizing how our partners will use their trucks and vans and getting crystal clear on the needs of their teams, we can meet their needs – quite literally from the floor up – with Legend.  In designing solutions for trucks and vans, one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned is that it’s rarely the things you can see that make for a quality upfitting job, it’s the things you can’t see.  We all recognize that many of Legend’s products may not be immediately noticeable, but every one of them is infinitely practical to help us create satisfied customers. 

Expertec is proud to be able to call on Legend Fleet Solutions and so many of its perfectly designed products to provide fast and economically responsible solutions to our client’s needs.