It’s no secret that we’re in a really strange economy right now.  Inflation is sky-high, the costs of simply keeping fuel in your rigs is prohibitive, and after these last few years?

Those trucks and vans are getting way past their prime, and money – especially this time of year – is always tight for businesses.  At Expertec, we learned a long time ago that the cyclical nature of so many of our client’s industries created real challenges for them, especially when it came time to purchase new vehicles, upfit their fleets, or even upgrade existing trucks and vans for new jobs. 

Building a Better 2023It’s true that our business is based on upfitting trucks and vans, but our mission is about finding the right solutions for customers like you.  One of the biggest challenges our clients face, no matter what the economy looks like, is financing those solutions.  We’ve offered financing options for years no matter what the economy was doing because we know one thing is certain: businesses big and small have to counter the issues that arise between cashflow and fleet efficiency.   Sometimes, it’s easiest for a client and their financial institution to handle that, but many times, our own financial partner can offer far more flexibility for businesses like yours.

Catalyst Finance Company is an industry-leading leasing company in Canada that’s been around since 2005, and they’re committed to offering best-in-class financing solutions to businesses like yours across Canada.  The best part is this:  they work with businesses of all sizes for financing equipment and even specialized leasing programs. 

The best part is that we were able to make the process incredibly simple, and you can find out more details right here.  Basically, though, it comes down to a simple, five step process…

  1. Get a quote from Expertec for the upfit equipment.
  2. Calculate an estimated lease or loan payment that works for your business.
  3. Complete a no-obligation online credit application.
  4. Catalyst Finance Partners will reach out with a quick credit response.
  5. Upon credit approval, if you choose to finance, Catalyst Finance Partners will transfer the funds, upon completion of documentation, to Expertec and you get your upfit solution.

Building a Better 2023Really quickly, though, re-read number 2… “Calculate an estimated lease or loan payment that works for your business.”  Now, this isn’t to say you can pay it off $100 at a time, but Catalyst really does give you some great options with respect to repayment. 

And that’s a lot more than the bank or your credit card company will do!

The bigger point in all this is really simple:  at Expertec, we know our clients need more than “just a truck” and we know how big an impact a perfectly upfitted truck or van can make on the overall profitability of a business, especially when it comes to challenging economic times like we’re in now.  Don’t let the old lie, “We’re likely not doing anything until the first of the year” impede your own growth or keep you from having the tools you need to get the job done when the new year is here and all that new business comes in. 

Go ahead and get your business together, get the fleet ready, and let’s all have a happy and profitable 2023!

Building a Better 2023