It’s not often that an entirely new industry is created, but in our lifetimes, seemingly dozens of new ones have popped up as a result of new technologies.

Web designers, computer programmers, and online investors simply didn’t exist fifty years ago, and the few men and women who could “program” a computer in those days did work that was far more like manual labor than typing.

Just as technology has created industries, it’s also changed existing ones.

Take aerial photography, for example.

Sure, it’s been around since just days after the Wright Brothers made their historic flight at Kitty Hawk, but it remained relatively unchanged until the last decade, when technology – in the form or small aerial drones – became available to the general public.

Using drones to capture aerial images got off to a rocky start in Canada and many other countries, however, most of the legal battles are now over.  Yes, there are definite laws governing how users and companies can legally operate drones, but they have become a mainstream component in many industries, from agriculture to real estate, and it’s widely supposed that in the very near future, drones will be deployed for near-instantaneous local deliveries.

As with any groundbreaking technology, the business models for the drone industry are still being written.  Smart companies who are deploying drones – for any reason – have realized there are some “absolutes” they need to have in place to support their unmanned aerial vehicles, especially those being utilized for imaging.

Case in point: a recent upfit job we carried out on a Mercedes Sprinter for a company utilizing drones to do everything remotely.  A massive power inverter helps to keep multiple batteries charged up, while an ample workstation allows the operator to easily handle set up, recovery, and piloting in the field.

Breaking New Ground - Drone Van Upfit

As with so many upfitting jobs today, the need is not only to charge batteries, but to keep traditional 120 volt equipment online, too.  To that end, our team added multiple power outlets inside and out to allow users to stay charged under all conditions.   Of course, this type of power creates heat, so keeping users and equipment cool (or warm when the winter weather arrives) was another item Expertec’s team addressed.

Obviously, in this situation, it’s critical to have the right combination of useable storage space for tools and equipment as well as ample room for operations and transport, and the right shelving package makes that easy to handle, too.  At the same time, the proper floor, wall, and roof linings can also make the space far more functional and weather tight.

The biggest key to the successful marriage of new technologies and industries into a viable and profitable business model is communication.  Not only with clients, but with the companies that can help your business grow.

Breaking New Ground - Drone Van UpfitIn this case, our customer recognized their needs for an upfitted van and then, worked with the Expertec team to determine what resources were available to support their success.  Not only is this simply smart business, it’s also a true necessity when your company is creating completely new solutions.  In the end, our client has a complete mobile office that can allow them to service their customers and shorten turnaround time to hours instead of days.  More importantly, because they can effectively run their entire operation remotely, they’ll never have to worry about not knowing exactly what footage they have shot or the quality of the images before they ever leave the job.  This, more than anything else, will simply give them more time to serve their own clients, and that means one thing:  growth.

If you’re interested in growth for your company, no matter if it’s in a well-documented industry or a brand new one, chances are, Expertec has upfitting solutions you and your team can use in your truck, van or fleet of vehicles.  To find out how working with us can help you dramatically change your productivity and profitability, reach out to us right here or simply give us a call at 1-888-435-6466.  You’ll find that our upfitting resources and catalog of solutions is among the most robust in the world, and there is no one more uniquely suited to help you make sure your fleet makes you money.

Breaking New Ground - Drone Van UpfitBreaking New Ground - Drone Van Upfit
Breaking New Ground - Drone Van Upfit