It’s an important vehicle that most of us don’t ever think about, but somebody builds the trucks we rely on to pick up the trash.  Just as importantly, there are plenty of places that a full sized trash and refuse hauling truck can’t maneuver into, so who picks up that trash?

Guess what?  Anybody can now.  Par-Kan, an American manufacturer since 1958, developed a simple and incredibly smart tool that gives you a “big truck” capability in a regular full size truck bed.

Let’s take a closer look…

The Par-Kan Easy Dump is designed to work as a bed within a bed.  While it can be frame-mounted, it also can be easily placed in a full size, ¾ ton truck bed.  The best news is the Easy Dump can be configured in such a way as to provide full-sized refuse truck options like a hydraulic lift system and dump bed while allowing your company to easily get into areas big trucks can’t get to.

Par Kan Easy Dump Satellite Dumper Truck Inserts 5Think about those narrow streets in the old part of town.  Or the trash cans lining the trails of parks or playgrounds.

There’s no room to get the big trucks in there, but with the Easy Dump, a regular pickup truck can handle that trash run.

Just as importantly, the Easy Dump satellite dumper is configured to allow it’s load to be easily transferred to a dedicated trash truck.

But what else can the Easy Dump do?

Here’s what we like – since Par-Kan builds a variety of bed sizes that can contain up to 8 cubic yards, suddenly, the Easy Dump is perfect for picking up yard and landscaping waste throughout any municipality.  In our experience, these types of scenarios rarely need a full size truck and by utilizing the smaller vehicles in the fleet, your customers never notice a service interruption.

At the same time, the Easy Dump, by design, also is perfect for dropping off containers and receptacles for new customers or for swapping out recycling bins on routes.

What about a missed pickup?  With the Easy Dump, you can send out a “hot shot” to make an emergency pickup from a customer that was missed that day and prevent an unsatisfied client.


With all that said, how well is the Easy Dump built?

This is the real reason we’re proud to feature Par-Kan as a partner.  They’ve designed the Easy-Dump to last!  The units hinge pins are ¾ inch steel while the entire bed is built of steel with a drain hole built in to keep corrosion at bay and make clean up easy for your team.  Par-Kan even made sure the unit’s finish was durable – they utilize two-layer, heat-cured polymer that is designed to take a beating.

All of that is built onto a tubular steel frame that safely encases the self-contained dual cylinder electrical hydraulic system which is designed to be waterproof.  The end result is a unit that can be mounted in a regular truck bed and doesn’t require any modification to add a perfect tool to your fleet.

The Easy Dump is a lot like an umbrella – when you need it, nothing else will do.  At Expertec, we’ve found that many of the options we’ve sourced for our clients and partners fill a very specific gap in their current fleet and the Easy Dump is no different.  If you and your team are looking for a solution to a trash or refuse problem, give our team a call to learn how and why the Easy Dump makes a lot of sense for parks and recreation facilities, local municipalities, and trash companies looking to provide a superior customer service experience.

Par Kan Easy Dump Satellite Dumper Truck InsertsPar Kan Easy Dump Satellite Dumpers Truck Inserts