Anyone who’s worked in the agricultural world for any length of time knows how important balance is.  Not just in terms of “balancing” things like crop rotation, or fertilizer, or even when you and your neighbors are harvesting, but in the real “dollars and cents” world of paying your help and having the right tools and trucks in your fleet.

Balancing ActsEverybody wants a Diesel dually crew cab, but not everyone can afford or – at least these days – even find one to buy and upfit, let alone several of them.

Again, it’s about balance.

We’re not suggesting anyone take a page from Grandpa’s strategy and have a single half ton long bed to do everything, either, but even today’s technologically savvy is – all too often – calling on mobile technicians to handle maintenance on tractors, combines, and far more complicated agricultural fleets than in years past.

Expertec knows those mobile technicians in the agricultural world can do a LOT with a basic half ton truck platform.

  • Towing capacities are double – or even triple – what they were two generations ago.
  • Horsepower and torque numbers for even base model engines are, too.
  • Formerly high-priced options like power steering, brakes, and traction control are standard in many models.
  • Fuel economy today is double what it was forty years ago, even if fuel costs are far higher now.

Balancing ActsIn short, upfitting a truck today to support an agricultural or farm-based business doesn’t immediately mean “top-of-the-line new Diesel dually” – it can easily mean, “gently used late model half ton.”

The key is to find the right balance when you build that truck.

Take our Aluminum Slip In Service Bodies, for example.  They strike a nearly perfect balance that can provide the agricultural sector the flexibility they need for carrying tools and equipment to get any job done and the overall investment such a set up can take.

The upfitting investment is far lower, the far more common half-ton chassis can easily be used as a base, and the slip in service body protects the bed and tailgate from damage, ensuring the long-term value of your truck.

Balancing ActsMore importantly, our Slip In Service Bodies can be configured a number of ways – lights, air compressors, welders, power inverters, and yes, we can even use the truck’s fuel or electrical systems to operate those upgraded components.   This means the truck we help you design does exactly what you and your team needs it to do.

And let’s be real:  farm trucks, even in today’s “cleaner” operations, often get beat up.  It happened to Grandpa’s, and Dad’s, and it’s likely happening to yours if you’re regularly involved in serving and servicing agricultural fleets.

By choosing our Aluminum Slip In Service Bodies, when it comes time to retire a truck, the slip-in unit can be easily moved to another pickup, because with a best-in-the-business 5 year warranty, we’ve built these units to last.

Canadian farms might chew your pickup to pieces, but we’ve created a durable, long-lasting service body to take everything you can throw at it and keep right on handling the jobs you need done.

It’s not the only solution we can offer you, but it’s an incredibly useful one, especially in the agricultural industry.  If you’re in the market to put a new(er) truck in your service fleet, give our team a call BEFORE you buy.  Let’s look at how you and your crew will actually use your new pickup and explore the best options for you.  More importantly, you’ll have a very clear understanding of what can be done and how Expertec can design a unique solution for you.  Give us a call directly at 1-888-435-6466 or simply click here to schedule some time with us.