A few months ago, we shared the news that our Aluminum Slip-In Service Bodies were now being built right here in Canada.  Now, we’re certainly proud of that, but our teams have had a LOT of feedback on how well these units perform in the field.

Of course, we knew they would – we designed them – but it’s still nice to hear it from customers.

Another great thing about feedback is we hear how customers – both small contractors and far larger corporate fleets – use our products … and we’ve gotten some interesting surprises with respect to these aluminum slip in service bodies:

Expertec Aluminum Slip-In Service BodyFolks are using them in place of the traditional body on cab and chassis dually units. 

Now, that makes a lot of sense – slip-in aluminum units weight far less, so cargo capacity isn’t as impacted on half- and ¾ ton trucks, AND, in these days or soaring fuel prices and limited inventory of new trucks, the relative ease of moving a unit from an older truck to a newer truck when one is finally found and purchased gives them a much longer service life.

Yes, you can absolutely move a steel service body from one “C & C” to another, but what do you do with a truck with no bed?  By utilizing Expertec’s Aluminum Service Bodies, you can simply move the unit between “regular” pickup truck beds and never lose the usefulness of either truck.

Take the “regular” steel service body so many one-ton trucks have on them.  You probably passed three of them on the drive in this morning … and they all had a crane on them.

A crane they never used…

In fact, some recent data we came across showed that most companies that have traditional steel service bodies outfitted with cranes use those cranes less than 20% of the time.

It takes robust construction and LOTS of support to build and deploy a crane, and all that weight costs money.

Money in terms of steel.

Money in terms of fuel economy.

Money in terms of the cost of the actual unit AND money in terms of the initial cost of the truck.

And that’s money that’s WASTED every time you and your team aren’t deploying that crane on the job.

So why even buy the crane in the first place?   

Which brings us right back to the value of Expertec’s Aluminum Service Bodies.

Lightweight.  Transferable.  Loaded with the items you and your teams need, not expensive gadgets they never use.

Expertec Aluminum Slip-In Service BodyBut these units are more than just an empty box waiting on you to fill them up!

There are countless options – from shelving and roof racks to onboard air compressors, welders, and generators – and those can be tied into the vehicle’s electrical system OR run from the truck’s fuel system.

Imagine a gas-powered air compressor – big enough to run a ¾ inch impact – that doesn’t need its own tank!

In a vehicle that’s easier to maneuver, less expensive to operate, and FAR more efficient.

Yes you and your teams CAN have the tools and equipment you need, when you need it, and not have to carry a bunch of deadweight around on every call, or to every job.  The nice thing about this is these solutions are created for you, but the options are endless.  Our teams pride themselves on creating specialized solution for specialized scenarios, and when it comes to our aluminum slip in bodies, every solution is the perfect solution.  How?

Because we take the time to ask YOU.

If you’re ready to have the right tools – instead of the tools somebody else think you should have – then give our team a call to find out how the right slip in service bodies could change a LOT of things in your business – especially your bottom line.

Give us a call directly at 1-888-435-6466 or simply click here to schedule some time with us.