No matter whether you are “essential” or not, COVID-19 has changed the way we think about our health and the health of those around us.

Just a few months ago, you might not have thought twice about a co-worker sneezing.  Who would?  It was winter time and everybody catches a cold once in awhile, right?

Well, now we’re all a lot more worried about social distancing and we’ve all seen the diagrams of how Coronavirus spreads.  While there are a lot of ways you can protect yourself, one of the ways Expertec is making it easier to add layers of safety in fleet vehicles.


Crew View Sneeze Guard PartitionWe developed the Crew View Sneeze Guard Partition for nearly any vehicle and they are a perfect addition to trucks, vans, and nearly any passenger vehicle.  Here’s how they work…

Using our detailed knowledge of scores of commercial vehicles, trucks, and vans, Expertec has been able to effectively design a clear polycarbonate barrier that installs easily between the front and back seats.  These are designed for individual vehicles – NOT ‘one size fits all” (keep reading to learn about that…), but the Crew View can often be moved between certain styles or families of vehicles.

The clear advantage in this is creating a physical barrier that helps to cut down the chances of “person to person” transmission.  Just as importantly, though, the Crew View is easy to clean and easy to install, giving you fast deployment.

Where the Crew View really shines is that it provides a real barrier to protect cargo from unintended transmission.  With so many teams working remotely and many, many more items being delivered, the ability to provide a barrier between the team and the cargo – whether its groceries or personal protective equipment – is the new normal for companies.  The Crew View Sneeze Guard helps to ensure your people and products stay safe at all times.

Crew View Sneeze Guard PartitionOne of the most interesting things we’ve seen, since introducing the Crew View, is how many businesses have quickly adapted it into their fleets.  It’s easy to understand the appeal of the Crew View, and the entire system is incredibly fast to deploy.  More importantly, we’ve intentionally designed the Crew View to be installed on site, rather than having to have our in-house installation techs handle it.  (Of course, we’re happy to do it, but if you don’t have time OR are located too far away, the Crew View offers easy installation with only hand tools)

This easy installation means that, in some cases, the Crew View can be moved between similar trucks, vans, and passenger vehicles.   One size does NOT fit all, but if your fleet primarily uses similar vehicles, then transferring these units is a simple task.

There are a host of ways that COVID-19 can be spread, but the majority of cases are through person-to-person contact OR through contact surfaces being contaminated.  With the Crew View Sneeze Guards, you and your team can be protected, ensure the maximum protection possible for passengers and operators, and, even more importantly, show your customers and clients how seriously you take their health concerns and the health of your team.

To learn more about the Expertec Crew View Sneeze Guard Partition, reach our team at 1-888-435-6466 or simply follow this link.

Whatever you do, be safe!

Crew View Sneeze Guard Partition