For a lot of us, our fathers, uncles, and grandfathers all reinforced a singular lesson to us in our formative years:  buy good tools, take care of them, and they will last a lifetime.  More importantly, those tools will do the jobs you ask of them and possibly make you a lot of money.

A Good Set of ToolsToday, it seems that every job needs more and more specialized tools.  Scanners to read computers, a supervisor to watch you, and three wobbly sockets, four extensions, and an oddball metric socket to replace a sensor that does one seemingly innocuous job.

It’s never been so hard to get work done as it is today, but there are still some things smart business owners and operators are doing to make sure they can take care of their customers – quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, profitably.

Now, it’s not exactly news that the more problems you can solve for your clients (or at least the fewer times you have to subcontract work out), the more money you can make, but where do you draw the line?

For some in the trades, the deciding factor is the client – maybe you only want to deal with businesses, or homeowners, or municipalities – or maybe it’s the physical location – within 100km of Calgary or Abbotsford.

At Expertec, we completely “get” it, and we’re here to help.  You see, after all these years of upfitting and outfitting trucks and vans for the trades, we’ve learned how to help our customers get the most from their tools, and we consider trucks and vans to be tools, not just transportation.

A Good Set of ToolsFor example, if you’re committed to the pickup truck as the most useful vehicle in your fleet, we’ve seen time and again how adding a dump body to that truck not only gives you all the advantages of a regular pickup bed, but it also gives you a dump truck onsite whenever you need it.

Think of the costs of dumpsters and trash hauling, for example.  Those costs are hardly ever stable, and depending on the region you’re working in, the weather, and even what is being hauled, those prices can eat HUGE holes in your profits – especially on smaller jobs.  You’ve got delivery fees, dump fees, daily fees, and, of course, disposal fees … and all you wanted was to get a few loads of trash or debris hauled off.

And it’s the same deal if you’re trying to get aggregate delivered or landscaping materials brought in!

Hidden costs, added expenses and unexpected fees.

Smart companies and fleet managers are catching on, though, and even as challenging as times have been these last few months, the number of companies from all types of industries that have asked us to upfit and install dump bodies on medium duty pickup chassis has far exceeded our projections.

It’s actually easy to see why, if you think about it.

A Good Set of ToolsHaving a dump body on a truck in your fleet is a cost that can be amortized over years, but provide you profits now.   Since the models we commonly install, like Rugby’s Dump Bodies, offer you the same flexibility you would expect from a regular pickup truck, you aren’t losing anything, but you are gaining loads of options.

What it really boils down to is this:  dump bodies represent a reliable, long lasting tool that many industries and trades can utilize to take care of their customers for many, many years and not have to worry about contractors, fuel prices, scheduling, and hidden costs.  Given the long lifespan of both a dump body and a truck chassis, this is one tool that allows you to take care of your clients and move one item from a “cost” on every job to a “profit”.

If you’re thinking about making this investment – or maybe hadn’t considered it yet – reach out to our team today  to learn how you can keep your fleet flexible by utilizing a dump body on a truck chassis.